Transformation: Art-Based Supervision Series

Thursday, March 28, April 4, 11, 18, 2024
1:30-3:30PM  EST

This supervision series invites therapists on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth through art-making and community discussions. It encourages a fresh perspective on therapeutic work and resources. Fostering curiosity, the series delves into embracing transformative power in your practice, holding diverse meanings, inspiring movement and restoration.

The series has four parts:  

1. Transforming Objects: Upcycling
This part centers on cultivating gratitude for existing resources and discovering alternatives. With a mindful approach, we will engage in the transformative practice of repurposing and fostering an appreciation for what is already there in order to develop something new.  

2. Embracing Multiple Meanings
We are embarking on a journey of curiosity and exploration. This part focuses on opening up, changing perspectives and accepting the multitude of meanings associated with a single event or thing. Therapists are encouraged to sit with complexity, acknowledging that they may not know everything and embracing the richness that comes with accepting the limits of understanding. The exploration involves cultivating a mindset of openness to diverse interpretations, fostering personal and professional growth.  

3. Honouring Ephemeral Moments

We explore the significance of establishing meaningful connections with ourselves, the community, and the surrounding environment. This part emphasizes deriving joy from our ecosystem's fleeting moments of awe. Therapists explore the concept of ephemeral art, recognizing the beauty in impermanence and incorporating elements that bring laughter into their sessions. Therapists enhance their capacity for holistic engagement within the therapeutic process by fostering these connections and infusing moments of joy and contentment.  

4. Integrating Movement 
This segment encourages a fluid transition between various modes of expression, exploring the therapeutic benefits of movement and sensory engagement. Emphasizing restoration and embodiment, we will delve into the profound impact of integrating physical experiences into the therapeutic process.

This is a live event and places are limited.
The discounted price will be available until March 24, at 11:59 PM EST.
The sessions are confidential. They will be recorded and offered on the platform for the registrants only. In case that you are missing one session, you can watch it on your account.
Please note that you need to be present at these sessions to get the respective hours of supervision.
This workshop series will count as group supervision hours for art therapists in process of becoming registered art therapists with Canadian Art Therapy Association (RCAT) and American Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATR). Not counting for CRPO supervision.
A certificate of completion of 8 hours of supervision will be handed to the participants needing it. For any inquiry, please reach to us at:

About the Workshop Facilitators

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Lindsay Clarke, MA, RCAT, ATR
Art Therapist

Lindsay believes in the importance of nurturing community and creativity. For the past 10 years she has provided art therapy at a women’s shelter, schools, and art hives. She has enjoyed developing and facilitating community art exhibitions to support the voices of those who have survived violence, the impacts of suicide, and living through homelessness and mental illness.

She now offers art therapy to people of all ages at her Montreal studio, atelier lanterne. Her practice is with a focus on art making and creative process as a catalyst towards change, health, and empowerment. Her work is guided by principles of trauma-informed, attachment-based, and strength-based art therapy practices.

Lindsay provides supervision to individual art therapists and also within a community context, in order to facilitate ongoing growth, curiosity, and support.
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Carmen Oprea, MA, MFA, RCAT, ATR-BC, ATPQ
Art Therapist

Carmen is a registered art therapist with post-graduate training in sandplay therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy. Holding master's degrees in art therapy and fine arts, she is currently a doctoral candidate in psychology.

Her professional career includes art therapy services for individuals and groups of all ages with various life challenges, at her clinic, Accès Art. She deeply resonates with Indigenous wisdom and strives to provide culturally sensitive art therapy to Inuit and First Nations adolescents.

Carmen is fortunate to be part of a dedicated team at Concordia University, engAGE Living Lab project and she is co-investigator in a research projects related to art therapy and depression at the same university.

She provides supervision to creative art therapists in person and online.
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