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Art-Based Supervision Workshop Series

with Lindsay Clarke, MA, RCAT, ATR
and Carmen Oprea, MA, MFA, RCAT, ATR-BC

This series explores the theme of rituals and traditions in life, nature, and therapeutic process. Through art experientials and opportunities to process amongst peer creative arts therapists practicing all over the world, these workshops will offer a deep reflection on the need for cycles in health and healing.
According to phenomenologists like Martin Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty, time is not continuous but rather circular, comprised of stops and starts, and marked by both beginnings and endings that give way to new beginnings. Heidegger argued that time is not simply a linear progression of discrete moments, but rather a holistic, cyclical process that is intimately tied to our experience of being-in-the-world.

As a fundamental part of nature, each stage of this cyclical process is of significant importance and must be adequately appreciated and understood, not only intellectually but also somatically at various levels of being in the world. Throughout traditional cultures, the critical steps of birth, existence, and death or beginning, growth, and ending are highly valued and celebrated. Rather than a seamless progression, time is characterized by cycles of work, rest, and celebration, as well as by the marking of significant moments such as the start of a day, a week, or a season.

In these series, we will delve deeper into the concept of cyclic time and examine its various manifestations in both natural and cultural contexts. Additionally, we will explore how this cyclical nature of time affects our professional lives, including its translation in the therapeutic process. Through this exploration, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of our perspective of time on our experiences and interactions with the world around us.
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This is a live event and places are limited.
The sessions are confidential. They will be recorded and offered on the platform for the registrants only. In case that you are missing one session, you can watch it on your account,

This workshop series will count as group supervision hours for art therapists in process of becoming registered art therapists with Canadian Art Therapy Association (RCAT) and American Art Therapy Association (ATR). A certificate of completion of 8 hours of supervision will be handed to the participants needing it.

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May 6, 2023

beginning, rebirth, renew in nature, culture, own professional life, and therapeutic process

May 13, 2023

grit, motivation to continue, mantaining consistent energy levels throughout the process

May 20, 2023

harvesting and celebrate, and also of preparation for the end of a cycle

May 27, 2023

ending, termination, hibernation, in nature and in various aspects of life, as a condition for renewal

About the Workshop Facilitators

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Lindsay Clarke, MA, RCAT, ATR
Art Therapist

Lindsay believes in the importance of nurturing community and creativity. For the past 10 years she has provided art therapy at a women’s shelter, schools, and art hives. She has enjoyed developing and facilitating community art exhibitions to support the voices of those who have survived violence, the impacts of suicide, and living through homelessness and mental illness.

She now offers art therapy to people of all ages at her Montreal studio, atelier lanterne. Her practice is with a focus on art making and creative process as a catalyst towards change, health, and empowerment. Her work is guided by principles of trauma-informed, attachment-based, and strength-based art therapy practices.

Lindsay provides supervision to individual art therapists and also within a community context, in order to facilitate ongoing growth, curiosity, and support.
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Carmen Oprea, MA, MFA, RCAT, ATR-BC, ATPQ
Art Therapist

Carmen is a registered art therapist with post-graduate training in sandplay therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy. Holding master's degrees in art therapy and fine arts, she is currently a doctoral candidate in psychology.

Her professional career includes art therapy services for individuals and groups of all ages with various life challenges, at her clinic, Accès Art. She deeply resonates with Indigenous wisdom and strives to provide culturally sensitive art therapy to Inuit and First Nations adolescents.

Carmen is fortunate to be part of a dedicated team at Concordia University, engAGE Living Lab project and she is co-investigator in a research projects related to art therapy and depression at the same university.

She provides supervision to creative art therapists in person and online.
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